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Finally there’s no need to sacrifice quality coffee just for the convenience of K-cup brewing. We use iFill K-cups so that we can continue to provide you with delicious fresh roasted coffee even in a single cup brewer. Unlike your K-cups on store shelves we roast the coffee and fill the K-cups after you place your order to provide you with the freshest K-cups possible.

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Why Choose Our Organic K Cups?

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Organic Certification

Organic coffee is cultivated without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which helps maintain healthier soil and ecosystems. At Sonrise Coffee, we exclusively select certified organic coffee beans for our products. However, while our roasting facility doesn't hold an organic certification, we adhere to organic standards in sourcing and handling to ensure the quality and integrity of our coffee.

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Convenient Morning Brew

Are you in a hurry to get out the door? We got your back! Our organic k cups are a quick and easy way to make a single serving of coffee without needing measuring cups or additional clean-up afterward. And because our coffee is organic, you can be sure you are choosing the better option for your health.

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In-House Packaging

While most K cups are packaged by other companies, Sonrise Coffee uses iFill organic K cups. This allows us to package each K cup in-house and provide you with the freshest organic coffee possible.

Questions about Organic K Cups

What are Organic K Cups?

K cups are single-serve coffee pods used by Keurig coffee makers and other compatible brewing systems. Each k cup contains a premeasured amount of ground coffee sealed inside a plastic container with a filter. Our organic k cups are single-serve coffee pods made from beans grown using organic farming practices.

Are Organic K Cups healthier?

Because our organic k cups are made from coffee beans grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or GMOs, they are definitely a healthier option. Organic farming practices also promote healthier soil health and biodiversity, which can contribute to the overall quality of the coffee beans.

What are iFill Organic K Cups?

Ifill k cups are k cups that allow you, as the roaster or the consumer, to add your own coffee to the k cup. Because we package our own k cups, we can guarantee that we are working to get you the freshest coffee possible in every order.

How many K Cups come in an order?

At Sonrise Coffee, we offer K cups in two different quantities: a 12-count pack and a 48-count pack.

What Makes Our Coffee Special?

Small Batch Roasting

We roast our coffee in small batches to ensure you receive premium-quality coffee. Roasting in small batches allows for us to maintain a level of control in the roasting process that enables us to bring out the most flavor and aroma in your coffee.

Air Roasted Coffee

We air-roast our coffee to preserve its natural, bold flavor. Unlike traditional drum roasting, air-roasted coffee forces out bean chaff that would otherwise burn into the beans, compromising the coffee flavor. Air-roasted beans undergo continual circulation for an even roast.

Roast to Order

Our coffee beans are roasted to provide you with fresh coffee. Freshly roasted coffee minimizes the time it takes for the oil of the bean (which contains the coffee flavor) to evaporate, allowing for a superior flavor to packaged coffee that has been sitting for months.

Coffee Brewing Guides

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They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.

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Start Your Day Empowered

Our vision is to provide sustainable, organic, micro-roasted coffee for our community. We hope to see our fresh organic coffee and tea help you to start your day not just right, but empowered!

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