How To Make AeroPress Coffee: An 8-Step Guide

One of the newest brewing methods in the coffee world is the AeroPress. But before we get into how to make AeroPress Coffee, let’s get into the origin of this creative coffee brewing method. It was first invented in the early 2000s. And in a strange twist, Alan Adler, the man that created the AeroPress, is also the inventor of the famous Aerobie Frisbee. The AeroPress is a brewing method that uses pressure to force water through the coffee grounds. This creates an espresso-like brew that can be used as is, or you can add water for a regular cup of coffee. 

how to make organic aeropress coffee

The reason so many coffee enthusiasts love the AeroPress is due to how simple it is to get a great cup of coffee. Unlike the popular pour-over method, the AeroPress isn’t all about precision and is the preferred brewing method if you’re traveling.

While there are countless ways of brewing a cup of AeroPress coffee, getting a consistent cup of fantastic coffee can be challenging. That is why we’re here today. In this easy 8-Step Guide, we’ll show the tips and tricks you need to know to get your ideal cup of coffee every time using the AeroPress. 

So let’s get into how to use the AeroPress to make yourself a delicious cup of coffee! 

Different Ways to Make AeroPress Coffee

The AeroPress is a relatively recent addition to the coffee world. That hasn’t kept coffee aficionados around the globe from adding their own variation to the basic AeroPress brew. A quick search for AeroPress recipes will uncover a plethora of ideas. These “recipes” primarily adjust the three main variables in the AeroPress brewing process. 

how to make aeropress coffee and what you need
  1. The temperature of the water.
  2. The ratio of coffee to water. 
  3. The length of time the coffee brews before pressing.

These factors significantly affect the finished product, so as you start your AeroPress journey, be sure to experiment with these factors to find your ideal recipe.

Whatever recipe you choose, you will either be brewing your coffee using one of two methods. 

  1. The Standard Brewing Method
  2. The Inverted Brewing Method

Today we’ll be showing the standard AeroPress brewing method. Just know that you can easily convert this or any other recipe for use with the inverted brewing method.

What is the Ideal Coffee to Water Ratio For AeroPress Coffee

The sweet spot for coffee to water ratio in an AeroPress is 15-20 grams of coffee to 200-220 grams of water. This is a great place to start, and you can adjust both the amount of coffee and the grind to find what you like best. For sake of consistency, we’ll go with a ratio of 17 grams of coffee to 220 grams of water. 

What is included in an AeroPress?

  • The AeroPress chamber and plunger
  • Funnel: to easily get all the grounds into the chamber
  • Stirrer: to mix the slurry easily without touching the paper filter
  • Scoop: to measure out your coffee beans 
  • Filters: the original AeroPress comes with 350 micro-filters
how to make aeropress coffee components

Things You Need to Brew AeroPress Coffee

  • An AeroPress (with filters): AeroPress has been producing a very similar product from the beginning with very few modifications. Get yours here. The AeroPress Go was recently released and offers a slightly smaller version of the traditional AeroPress that also includes a mug and a lid. 
  • A Grinder: While you can use pre-ground coffee, starting with quality, organic, whole-bean coffee will give you the best result. For a high-quality conical burr grinder, we recommend the Baratza Encore. For a smaller hand grinder, this Porlex Grinder is generally considered one of the best.
  • Filtered Water: It’s important to use high-quality, filtered water for your coffee. 
  • Fresh Coffee: The coffee you brew is only as good as the coffee beans you start with. For quality, healthy coffee, pick up some organic coffee and enjoy your coffee guilt-free. Check out our blog about why you should drink organic coffee

Your Favorite Mug: You will need a mug or beaker to brew your coffee into. Because you will be pressing the AeroPress directly onto your mug, make sure to use one that is strong and sturdy.

Steps to Brewing A Great AeroPress Cup

Now that you have all the items you need to brew your coffee lets get into the details of how to make AeroPress coffee. 

Step 1: Heat Water

Begin by heating up your water. You can use whatever kettle you have in your kitchen, or you can invest in a fancy gooseneck kettle. The ideal temperature for an AeroPress brew is around 200-205 degrees or just off the boil. 

how to make aeropress coffee hot water pot

Step 2: Prepare Your AeroPress and Ingredients

Once your water is heating, you can prepare your AeroPress. Start by adding a paper micro-filter to the basket or filter cap. Screw the basket with the micro-filter onto the brew chamber and put the brew chamber on your mug in the standard (upright) position.

how to make aeropress coffee with paper filter

Step 3: Grind Your Coffee & add it to the AeroPress

Measure out 17 grams (or a little more than ½ ounce) of coffee and put it in your preferred grinder. The scoop provided by AeroPress is approximately 16 grams. AeroPress recommends a medium-fine grind, similar to what is used for pour-over, although most coffee aficionados prefer a bit coarser grind. If you use the Baratza Encore, we recommend setting the grind to 12. 

Add the grounds to the AeroPress brewing chamber.

grinding coffee for how to make aeropress coffee

Step 4: Add Water & Stir Well

Add water up to the #4 on the side of the brew chamber. This is about 200-220 grams (or 7 ounces) of hot water, poured slowly. This should take about 10 seconds. Then, with the Aeropress paddle, stir the slurry (coffee and water mixture) well. You want to make sure that all the grounds are fully saturated. 

how to make aeropress coffee add hot water

Step 5: Insert the plunger and wait patiently

As soon as possible, insert the plunger into the brew chamber about one inch. This creates a vacuum inside the chamber, keeping the water in the chamber until you are ready to press. The general consensus is that you need to let your AeroPress coffee steep for 1 ½ to 2 minutes, although each recipe will have its “ideal” brew time. 

how to make aeropress coffee slowly press

Step 6: Stir & Press

At 1 minute and 15 seconds, pick up the entire press and gently swirl the brewer to agitate the slurry. Wait for another 30 seconds, and then begin pressing the coffee. Slowly and evenly press all the way down until you hear a slight hissing sound. The entire press should take approximately 30 seconds.

how to make aeropress coffee

Step 7: Clean Up; it’s easier than you think.

When your brew is complete, simply unscrew the filter cap and gently press out the coffee grounds. If the brew was done correctly, you’ll end up with a nice, clean puck of spent coffee. After that, all you need to do is to rinse out the Aeropress, and your clean-up routine is complete.

easy cleanup after you make aeropress coffee

Step 8: Relax & Enjoy

And just like that, you have a great cup of coffee with very little hassle or mess. You can easily adjust the strength of your cup by adding more hot water to your mug. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

how to make aeropress from organic coffee

How to Make Aeropress Coffee: Discover it Yourself

If you are looking for a simple yet delicious way of brewing yourself a single cup of coffee, then the AeroPress is the perfect solution! The ease of using the AeroPress makes it a popular yet inexpensive way to get into the specialty coffee scene. So what are you waiting for? Grab an AeroPress and some fresh roasted organic coffee, and try your hand at this incredible way to make your morning brew.

how to make aeropress coffee stunning coffee

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