10 Reasons Organic Instant Coffee Is Just as Good as Regular Coffee

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1: It’s Organic Coffee
2: It Saves Time
3: Organic Instant Coffee Has Less Caffeine
4: It’s Cheaper
5: Organic Instant Coffee Lasts for a Long Time
6: It’s Portable
7: Easily Makes Iced Coffee
8: You Can Cook With Organic Instant Coffee
9: Ideal for Camping Coffee
10: Wait, there is one more…?
Summing it Up

Organic Instant Coffee.

Odds are I just got a reaction of some kind. Whether it was an eyes closed “mmmm” or an acid reflux, it seems like everyone has an opinion when it comes to instant coffee. Hot take:

Organic instant coffee is just as good as regular coffee.

Yep, we said it. Need convincing? Awesome! Here’s 10 reasons why we’re right and you’re “less right” if you disagree 😜

Colombian Ganoderma Blend Organic Instant Coffee

1. It’s Organic Coffee

Ok, well duh. Obviously Organic Instant Coffee is “organic coffee.” While the name implies that, so often the sentiment is that organic instant coffee “isn’t real coffee.” Though, that just isn’t true.

Organic instant coffee is made from the exact same beans as specialty roasters and coffee shops around the world. Sure, the flavor of instant coffee varies depending on the brand purchased or beans used, but isn’t that the case with all coffee? Organic instant coffee is just that, coffee.

Plus, it’s organic! The word “organic” has been on the lips of “health nuts” for years, but it’s more than just a buzz word. Organic instant coffee is the wiser choice than conventional coffee as it has no synthetic fertilizers, is environmentally sustainable, and known to promote positive health benefits.

For more details why this is the superior choice 😄 check out our full Organic Coffee: Is It Better? blog!

Clock filled with coffee beans

2. It Saves Time

Well, this one also shouldn’t come as a surprise. Instant Organic Coffee saves time. Hence the “instant” in the name. 😂

All jokes aside, organic instant coffee can be made in a matter of seconds. It’s as simple as a cup, spoon, and water. Drop a scoop into your favorite Yeti or Stanley, stir, and you’re good to go!

Want hot coffee? Pour some from your hot water pot or the wait until you get to work and grab it from the water cooler.

No grinding, no brewing, no pouring, no clean up, no mess!

Word tiles spelling out "caffeine"

3. Organic Instant Coffee Has Less Caffeine

We’ll admit, this might be a turn off for some of us. That Monday morning comes, and we want all the liquid energy we can get.

However, in the long run, consuming less caffeine is better for one’s health. On average, a cup of instant coffee has around 60-80 mg of caffeine, while a cup of brewed coffee is between 60-120 mg.

This means you can enjoy your morning cup, get that extra kick you might desire to start your day, but limit the amount of unneeded chemicals your body doesn’t love.

Coffee beans making a $

4. It’s Cheaper

Organic instant coffee allows the user to enjoy their morning brew without the monetary investment of a coffee machine, coffee grinder, scale, press, etc. All you need is a pot/kettle, water, and a mug.

Depending on the brand and beans, Organic Instant Coffee also provides more servings for your money allowing one to stretch their budget further when it comes to their morning brew.

Coffee and teas on a shelf

5. Organic Instant Coffee Lasts For a Long Time

Due to its often-freeze-dried process, organic instant coffee can have a shelf life of 2 years or more! This means coffee drinkers don’t have to worry about their beans losing their strength and flavor.

This extended shelf-life means you can enjoy your coffee anytime and not worry about the expiration date. After all, if there is a great sale, who doesn’t want to stock up and save some money while they can?

So go ahead and order many flavors, blends, and brands to build out the ideal at home café without the worry about needing to use them up before they go bad!

Portable coffee cup in front of SonRise Coffee Co. sign

6. It’s Portable

Living life on the go has become a routine part of our society. Needing liquid energy for the go, go, go has us reaching for that thermos before heading out the door.

Organic instant coffee can easily be thrown in a backpack, duffle bag, or the single serve packets can even be dropped into a purse or your car’s glove compartment. This easy of transportation means you can take your favorite brews everywhere you go and not let the busyness of life keep you from your cup of joe!

Ice coffee in plastic to go cup on table

7. Easily Makes Iced Coffee

Nothing is more frustrating than having to water down your coffee by pouring scalding hot coffee over ice to make an iced coffee.

Enters Organic Instant Coffee. Yeah, you knew that was coming 😄 Since it’s designed to be mixed with water, Instant Organic Coffee allows you to sip on a glass of delicious iced coffee quickly without having to compromise on strength, flavor, or time needed to chill it down.

So, go ahead stir up that chilled coffee and just chill!

Dessert with coffee cup

8. You Can Cook With Organic Instant Coffee

Yep, you read that right! Organic Instant Coffee can be added to recipes and dishes to transform the flavor of cakes, cookies, and more without a second thought.

Organic Instant Coffee is ideal to use because it’s faster and dissolves easier than other coffee solutions. Who else really wants a coffee cake right now…? 😋

Man pouring coffee from thermos into cup

9. Ideal for Camping Coffee

Any camper knows that sipping from a mug in the crisp morning, while watching the sun rise is, a prime camping experience!

Hikers and campers don’t always have the space to pack presses, filters, and more when they’re enjoying the great outdoors. However, throw the Organic Instant Coffee in a side pocket of a backpack or with the Cliff bars and you’re now one step closer to that perfect camping morning!

SonRise Coffee Co.'s instant coffees

10. Wait there is one more…? Oh, Health Benefits!

And that’s it!

Wait, that was only 9? Yeah, I need more Organic Instant Coffee this morning.

Good thing I don’t have to be bogged down by making brewed coffee. We’re too tired to do anything but stir and sip this morning…☕️

One thing I forgot to mention are the health benefits of instant coffee. SonRise’s Columbian Ganoderma Blend Instant Coffee, as it’s name implies, is made with the Ganoderma Iucidum (Reishi Mushroom) which is a wild mushroom which is a well-known immunity builder, at a cellular level. It is also an adaptogen, which gives it a reputation as an energizing mushroom. Some also testify that the Ganoderma helps reduce the acid indigestion experience from drinking coffee.

Our delicious Vanilla Columbian Café-ccino is created with a rich blend of organic Columbian and Mexican coffees, organic coconut milk, and lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar and organic xylitol. What else sets this apart from other mixes?

  • Certified Organic
  • Only 60 calories per serving
  • Dairy free, Soy free and Gluten free
  • Only 6 grams of sugar per serving
  • No Artificial colors or flavors
  • Vegan friendly
  • Non-GMO

Yep, this is the hot drink that you can enjoy without any guilt!

Summing It Up

So, are you convinced? No? Well, how about you try one of our delicious Organic Instant Coffees below and see if we’re wrong then 😄

Whether you prefer instant or conventional coffee, one thing we can promise, our SonRise blends are sure to delight.

Happing brewing everyone!

Shop Organic Instant Coffees…

Colombian Ganoderma Blend Organic Instant Coffee

Columbian Ganoderma Blend

The Colombian Ganoderma Blend has high-quality Organic Columbian Coffee, blended with rich Organic Mexican Coffee, for an ideal flavor profile and includes Ganoderma lucidum a wild mushroom that is a well-known immunity builder.

Colombian Ganoderma Blend Organic Instant Coffee 2

Vanilla Columbian Café-Ccino

Created with a rich blend of Organic Colombian and Mexican coffees, Organic Coconut milk and lightly sweetened with Organic Cane Sugar and Organic Xylitol. This is the hot drink you can enjoy without guilt.

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