Honduras Organic Coffee

Introducing our Honduras Organic Coffee. This coffee is direct-sourced, certified organic, Fair Trade certified, and dried and stored at a state-of-the-art facility in Honduras before it is shipped to SonRise Coffee to be micro-batch roasted fresh and delivered to you for that perfect cup of coffee.

A part of our vision for sourcing, roasting, and selling coffee is to provide local coffee farmers an opportunity to thrive and run a successful business. That is why we’ve chosen to source our Honduras organic coffee directly from a farm, or Finca, in the mountains of Honduras. When you are looking for the best organic coffee you can find, single-origin, fair-trade organic coffee is the way to go!  

finca for honduras organic coffee

Who is Growing Our Honduras Coffee?

All of our SonRise’s Honduras organic coffee is sourced directly from a farm or Finca owned and operated by Gerardo Mejía, who is a 34 years old coffee farmer. He is a second-generation organic and fair trade coffee grower. 

“My dad is the first person in our region who started to cultivate coffee with certificates: Fair Trade and Organic. He knew that it was going to be beneficial…”

Gerardo Mejía

Gerardo Mejía, along with 250+ other local coffee farmers in Honduras, has been collaborating and are now operating under a cooperation called Cafés Especiales Mercedes Ocotepeque (Cafesmo).

Farm facts:

  • The farm is Fair Trade and Organic Certified.
  • The farm is Rain Forest Alliance Certified.
  • 51+ acres between 3700 feet and 4250 feet above sea level. 
  • 60% shadow 40% sun on most of the land, in some parts 50%- 50%. Mostly from local trees, also bananas and orange trees.
  • 80% Parainema, and some Catuaí and a bit Anacafé-14.
gerardo and father honduras organic coffee
gerardo cafetería honduras organic coffee

What is Cafesmo?

With a motto of diversity and quality, Cafesmo is a Fair Trade and Organic labeled organization that provides an ever-expanding array of specialty coffee profiles. Cafesmo allows Mejía and his family to connect with roasters around the world, like SonRise Coffee and others, and greatly expand their market while still maintaining the traceability of the coffee, and managing the quality, flavor profiles, and more. 

Why You Should Try Our Honduras Organic Coffee

Besides being sourced directly from our farm in the mountains of southern Honduras, this coffee has a very unique and complex flavor profile that includes lemon, mint, honey, sugar cane, panela, chocolate, lemon grass base, cinnamon, soft acidity, juicy, rounded body. 

For a cup of organic coffee that is direct sourced as well as fair trade, give our coffee a try.

What Is Fair Trade Coffee?

Fair Trade certified coffee simply means that the product has been tracked and reviewed throughout the entire supply chain to ensure that the coffee farmer and others in the supply chain have been fairly paid for their labor and product and that the proper sustainability standards were followed. The Fair Trade certificate allows the roaster or consumer to trace where their coffee coming from and support local communities in the process.

finca for honduras organic coffee
cafesmo headquarters honduras

What Is Organic Coffee?

Our new Honduras coffee is not only Fair Trade certified but also an Organic product with an organic certificate. Unfortunately, coffee is one of the most sprayed and fertilized products on our market today. This is just one reason to choose a trusted organic coffee for your morning routine. We have a blog post that explains a bit more about organic coffee and why it’s better

In Conclusion

If high-quality, single-origin coffee is something you are passionate about, give this coffee a try. Or maybe you’ve never tried it but would like to try it; this Honduras organic coffee is a great option. This rounded body, soft acidity coffee has a lot to offer. Order some today and make this Honduras Organic coffee a part of your morning. 

cup of organic honduras coffee

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